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Early Campagnolo pedals

Robert Braid

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals with the filled-in quill came out in 1956 at the same time as their cotterless chainet with the pedal caps at the rear of the cranks, 151bcd, raised pedal lip and 44-tooth minimum chainring. They have 10mm threads so the axles don't push out the pedal caps when screwed in. They were only in production for one year with the quill across the bottom. I was lucky enough to get two sets of these and the chainsets for my vintage bikes. Campagnolo later changed the name of the pedal to Record.

The Way-Assauto pedals were in production from the 1940's - 1960's, I don't know the exact time the Campagnolo branded ones were being produced. I think they must have ceased this in 1956 when the Campagnolo Gran Sports were introduced. I've also got a pair of the Campagnolo con dente track pedals in steel with 10mm threads.

They produced an alloy set as well but I've yet to come across a pair.

There's a couple of great sites here for pedals and Campagnolo information:



Campag pedals 8
Aids to Happy Cycling {W F (Sandy) Holdsworth} 1958

Three images (below) of the pedals that Way-Assauto made for Campagnolo before they started their own production. Really just Way-Assauto pedals with Campagnolo end caps and Campagnolo stamps on the barrels. Campagnolo never put them in any of their catalogues. Also some advertising for the original Campagnolo pedals.

Campag pedals 4
Campag pedals6
Campag pedals 7

Three images (below) of the first pedals that Campagnolo manufactured themselves. You can see the differences are mainly that the bottom quill comes right across the pedal. Also the pedal flat has no raised lip to stop the spanner sliding off. The inner spindle has a rubber oil seal that was removed from later models.

Campag pedals 1

Campag pedals 2

Campag pedals 3

Campag 9

Advert from Cycle Sport 1958