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GNUTTI cycle components - Italy

Compiled by Peter Underwood with help from John Conway

Gnutti  Carlo SPA was founded c1920 as a firm of agricultural engineers and it seems as if they ventured into cycle components in the immediate post-WWII period. Production lasted for some 20 years.

Holdsworth did not list Gnutti in the 1949 version of Aids to Happy Cycling but the following two entries were in 1951.  This suggests that they started importing Gnutti components c1950.

Gnutti 1951 - 1

Gnutti 1951 - 2

 On another page listing Bottom Brackets, the following was included:
Gnutti standard or GCC  - hollow axles, nickel chrome steel 16/9 a set
Chrome steel - 12/- a set

In this era bottom bracket axles were listed as Standard or GCC which stood for 'gear case clearance'.  Roadster cyles could be fitted with a steel gear case enclosing the transmission which involved moving the chainset forther out from the frame.  Coincedentally this length was ideal for double chainsets and was always specified thus.

By 1955 they were also advertising:
Gnutti cotterless spares stocked

Gnutti 1955 - 1

To a reader used to modern-day double chainrings it is hard to understand why anyone would devise a double chainring with three-tooth difference. This was an era when riders still hankered after the simplicity of single-speed and accepted the need for gears reluctantly and this reluctance led to very close gearing called one-step gearinf which was obtained by the use of three-tooth difference on the chainrings and two-tooth difference on the sprockets. In practice this meant that to travel from one gear to the next entailed changes of both front and rear changers in many cases.

Some Gnutti Q R levers were marked - 'Licensed by Campagnolo' but it is not sure who manufactured the hubs.

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